Friday, March 25, 2011

Hot off the.......

This fall we kicked our grill to the curb. It had lost both wheels and the side table fell off and the handle was broken. Plus, our own fault totally, it was incredibly FILTHY. All winter long we've been keeping our eye out for a new one. Then F was spurred on by the potential loss of power due to an ice storm.  Apparently the charcoal travel grill we have out in the garage isn't trust worthy enough in the midst of a world stopping ice storm(sarcasm in case you missed it).

So he picked up this little beauty from Home Depot......

Our New Grill
And then assembled it in our family room, but didn't want to go out in the rain to take it outside.

So now......

it is residing in our DINING ROOM

Talk about getting your food hot off of grill.


Tracy said...

He assembelled it himself???

Ours took 2 of us several hours (with some help from the kids) & nearly ended up in divorce!!

Lucky you :-)

DevilsHeaven said...

Oh my Tracy!!! Ours was only in basically two pieces, the top and the bottom. It was mostly pre-assembled with basic "snap" together, or tighten the screws work required.
He refused to read the directions,but then kept asking me what or where this thing goes/is??