Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shoe Daddy

CBF and I have decided that instead of a Sugar Daddy, I need a SHOE Daddy. Someone who will give me free range to purchase any and all kinds of shoes that I may or may not be able to actually wear while standing up let alone be able to walk in.

I bought these shoes in black 2 yrs ago? And the heel cap thingie came off last winter.

I know it would be much more fiscally responsible if I took them and got them fixed, because I still love them.

But wouldn't it be way more fun to add these to my closet?

I own another pair that is very similar, but in navy blue:

And now I'm kind of in love with them in this color as well.

Or how about these?

This red is SASSY. But I have nothing to wear red sassy shoes with, so I would get them in black.

And remember these boots I bought in brown from Sears?

The buckle keeps coming off and the toe area rubber has completely eaten away so it is right down to cardboard and cloth. And I have NO IDEA how that happened since I don't scuff my feet when I walk or walk about on tip-toe. Again, I STILL Love them, but would be happy to love these as well:

Or love these.....

And how cute are these?

I have no idea why this picture is so small.

Purple. Sexy. Sassy. Who knew?

For some reason these speak to me as a Corporate Sexy cut-throat woman CEO. Amanda Woodward anyone? RRRAAAAOOOOOW.

Or you know, pretty much anything from Aerosoles.com would make me happy.

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Curly Que said...

I absolutely agree, a Shoe Daddy is way better than a Sugar Daddy! I mean, who really needs someone else to cover the sugar bill?! For me, having my man buy me a sweet and sexy pair of shoes (or boots) can really make my day...and his!

And, in my opinion, every girl needs at least one pair of red sassy shoes - I promise that you will find something to wear them with because you will love them so much, you will not be able to let them waste away in the closet!