Thursday, January 08, 2009

Please Take These Back

F and I went shopping to get him new underwear to take with us to The Homeland. The package was opened so he didn't want to get it. I rolled my eyes, sighed heavily and made him buy them.

We get home, he washes them, dries them, and then calls me down stairs.

"DH, I can't believe this! These underwear aren't even the brand they were suppose to be! AND!!! AND!!!!!! They've been WORN!!!!!!!!"

"OMG! What? How can you tell? Are there stains or something?????"

"NO, but look! The waist band!" The waist band had piled, or fuzzed, or whatever you want to call it, from being worn.

He folded them back up, shoved them back into the packaging and we head back to the store to return them.

The store was horrified and told F he was much calmer than they'd think he'd be after that and gave him a new set, in an unopened package.

I felt bad that I made him buy them, but I still laughed, I mean seriously, who would have thought???????????


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Nope, JCP.