Monday, January 19, 2009

Cute or Crafty??

F is HOT.
F is HOT to have, wait, MAKE a baby.
Yes, this is his new line when asking for sex.
F: "DH! Let's make a BABY!!!"

See, my great Period Plan for the Honeymoon completely crashed and burned. I started the Pill two weeks late expecting it to push back the start of said period by, well, 2 weeks. Not so Pill fans, not so. Period came right on f'ing time, and then, decided to stay, just a little longer. So while lamenting about this and how screwed up my system now was to F, he says, "DH, why don't you just stop taking them? What's the worst that could happen? You get pregnant."(this new idea was fostered lovingly by his Homeland family members.)

I was speechless.

He was right.

But I had to really think about it. REALLY Think about it. After what, 15 years of an on again off again affair with the Pill, I was finally in a place where I didn't need it anymore and I was struck dumb by that fact. Getting pregnant was ALWAYS the worst that could happen (outside of diseases of course) and here I was, in a place where it is no longer the worst, but the WANTED.
I'm still kind of stumbling over it. Especially when I see the telling purple packaging laying unused in the medicine cabinet. But a BABY! Wow, a baby could HAPPEN, FOR REAL anytime.
And it would be a GOOD THING.
But I still think F is using this to his horn ball advantage.


Kissi Girl said...

That's exciting! Congrats on your pending mommydom!

I've been wanting to ask you, as someone who just got married to someone who just got engaged... Where the heck to I start with planning a wedding, and how do I keep my finace excited and involved through even the girliest of things?
Any tips or advise?

DevilsHeaven said...

You start with the Church and Hall, the two most important things that depend on your date.

You can not keep him excited and involved, he doesn't care about sixty shades of "cream." You will do yourself a favor by not expecting him to be excited, and just be glad when he is.
Does that sound cynical?

Kissi Girl said...

lol! Not cynical at all, I pretty much expected you to say that. I know he's interested in at least picking the location. I'm thinking as long as I mention it while he's watching TV, if he isn't happy with something he can't say I didnt run it by him... :o)
Thanks for the tip!