Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feel the Guilt

I got a random call on my cell that I almost didn't answer. It was the Nephew of my dad's best friend. The Best Friend, whom we all called Uncle, past away last month. The Nephew found my number and called me to relay the news since my mother had sent The Uncle a Christmas card.

I felt guilty because mom and I decided not to invite said Uncle to the wedding. If we had, it would have been the last time everyone would have seen him.


Mom says not to feel guilty. She said that since the last time we DID see him, when mom and I invited him over for dinner, he arrived, late, and DRUNK. Olfactory and visibly DRUNK. And that if he felt the need to drink heavily before joining just the two of us for dinner that if he DID come to the wedding, where all of us were, it probably wouldn't have been pretty.

I still feel bad.
Especially when I ran across his address while doing Christmas cards. Or when I ran across his e-mail address. I just can't bring myself to erase/delete it. It makes it so very, final.

I hope you are happy where you are now Uncle, with plenty of fishing, bowling your old dog and booze, if you so desire.

Please tell my Dad, I said Hi, that I love him, and I hope he was able to peek in on my wedding.

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bernthis said...

sorry to hear about your uncle's death but I agree with your mom. You likely avoided him embarrassing you and most of all himself.