Thursday, August 31, 2006

Waiting for White

BF and I have reached and passed the 9 month mark. With this knowledge my Crazy Best friend has begun planning "The Wedding." She's addicted to "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?", and has a million ideas about how to save money. I caught her fever and we proceeded to pick the menu, the church, and the reception hall, only after of course, making the guest list, my side only. She wanted me to ax seven people whom are distant friends because, "Adult! $20 a plate times 7 equals $140!!!!" Probably good she lives so far away. All the venues I'm sure will change once I see them in person versus seeing a one dimensional view over the web. And of course, once BF has his say about what he'd like to see. CBF and I have not yet broached color scheme and dresses, but I'm sure that's not far behind. She claims that the more stress and planning we get out of the way now, the more I can focus on my "bling ring" once I actually get it. Which, BTW, BF continues to tease me with the horror of CZ in as many carts as my pudgy finger can hold without a wheelbarrow. At least he's teasing right? Not breaking down the door to run the other way. He gets a kick out of making me squirm when it comes to The Ring. I've a very specific idea about what I want. And shallow though it may seem, at my 30something years I feel that something that one would have been able to get(afford/been happy with) in their early 20s greatly changes in their 30s, where jobs and homes have most likely already been established.
Ahem, sorry, I lost my composure for a moment. Is it really all about the meaning or "symbolism" of the ring? Yes, I'm sure it is. But "the meaning" can be interpreted in several different ways, don't you think? Just think of the last ugly gift you got. How did that make you feel? Like the person giving the gift either A)Doesn't know you all that well and hence the ugly, or B) They don't care and hence the ugly, or C) They didn't want to get you anything anyway and hence the ugly. I hope this proves my point. Maybe not, maybe I've just dug my own hole even deeper with the world at large. But I know what makes me happy:

Seriously, I love him, and I'm sure it'll all work out the way it's suppose to.

And here I was just last month complaining of the Momma Push down the aisle. Oh how times have changed.

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