Monday, August 07, 2006

And this is my other Cousin Darryl......

BF met the extended family this weekend; and Yes, we are still together. He's met them before, but it was a whirlwind of just a few hours. This was a day and a half. He apparently dislikes the same family members as I do, but for a few different reasons. He hasn't even met EVERYONE yet. Half the family was missing. It will be a joy and a true pleasure when he meets the Other Side of the family, the racist bigoted side, what with him being a minority and a foreigner? Ah yes, it shall be a love fest for all, I'm sure.
Interestingly enough, I think BF may have proposed twice this weekend. How, you ask, could I not possibly know if it was an actual proposal or not? One was uttered in the post coital cuddle,

"Will you be mine forever?"

I responded simply in the words of Prince, the midget man of music and sexuality, "Forever's a mighty long time."

But my mind was racing: Was that a proposal? Should I say Yes? Do I want to say Yes? Should I ask him if it was a proposal? Could this be any more like Will and Grace when Woody Harrison asked Grace to marry him during sex?

The second, in response to my quiet rant about not having kids and a husband,

"You could have both those things quite easily."

I called him out on this last one:

"Is that a proposal BF?"

"No, I'm just sayin."

Emhm, and I'm just not buyin it.

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