Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wait, what did you say?

E-mail I sent F:
09:10 AM
i have no idea where my cell phone is.

(we send each other e-mails when we forget our phones at home or couldn't find them before we left for work so the other person doesn't freak out when their calls go unanswered)

F's response:
9:11 AM
 nice... when did you have it last?

9:15 AM

Silence ensued for several hours there after until he sent me an e-mail in answer to a question about our evening plans:

1:02 PM
no need to go and it doesn't start till 10 anyways so we wont be home till midnight... answer my text (we are old and must be in bed before midnight. what can i say.)

1:18 PM
Dude, do you not remember the e-mail I sent you this morning????????????
(yes, I am decidedly over 30 and still say DUDE. I can't quit it!)

Then at 4:30pm he calls me, at work:

F: "HAHAHAHA DH, I know you left your cell at home, but I keep calling it!!"

*insert eye roll and head shake here*

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Anonymous said...

I left my phone at work yesterday and genuinely drove the 20 minutes home, then drove 20 minutes back again just so my boyfriend wouldn't freak out. Then when I told him he was all "oh I would have coped". Cheers babe.