Thursday, September 13, 2007

If you Dream It, You Can...Do It???

So I had a rather disturbing dream this morning. I cheated on F. With a guy my college friend used as a booty call in college, and maybe even after. Handsome college football player with a heart of gold and a baby-momma. The point is, in the dream, I said, "I can't, I'm engaged!" But everyone kept telling to go ahead and do it. And even more disturbing, as I write this several hours later, I can't remember if I cheated on him or not! I think maybe I did, because my brain keeps telling me it was good, the cheating sex. Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe is pissed off at Ross because of something he did in a dream? Yeah, it's like that. Am I a cheater because I may have cheated in a dream? And, well, kind of really liked it?
And I have done the same thing Phoebe has done, been pissed off at someone for something they did in a dream. I wake up really ticked off. It puts me in a pissy mood all day.

Poor F, he's marrying a crazy person.


Megan said...

i just had a dream last night that my fiance was cheating on me (which i was actually going to blog about today, oddly enough). i definitely woke up in a bad mood at him. i've done that whole phoebe thing more than once. though i usually know it's from a dream :)

i don't think it's bad you dreamt about it, or that it makes you a cheater. it's probably just wedding nerves getting to you. it's better to dream about it, where you're not cheating, than to actually cheat.

Clink said...

I have been having the craziest dreams ever since we got engaged: me cheating on him with my ex, him cheating on me with my old roommate. Seriously insane stuff and then I wake up mad at him or feeling guilty!

I chalk it up to wedding nerves too.