Monday, April 16, 2007

Quiet as a Dishwasher Mouse

A few months ago BF opened a drawer in the kitchen and asked me if I thought the little things in there were mouse droppings. I, far from an expert in this area, said I thought they were too small, and so we both concluded that they must be seeds from one of his fancy whole grain/whole wheat breads. The other night while putting a dish in the dishwasher I met the fancy whole grain/whole wheat bread seed dropper, except it had 4 legs and a cute little nose. I was of course stunned at finding a mouse in the dishwasher, THE DISHWASHER. My mind can not comprehend how said mouse found it's way into the dishwasher. The thing is sealed up pretty good because of the water usage and what-not, so how did our furry little friend squeeze his body between the door and the wall? Or, as BF claims, squeeze his body up the water pipe, through the slits in the strainer at the bottom, in order to feast on our un-rinsed dishes????? All I could then think of was, how can we EVER be sure of clean dishes again?? Seriously? I mean even if we don't see anymore droppings around the freshly washed silverware, how can we be certain that our little house guest hasn't tread across them? Or had his friends in for a fork and spoon party??? How can I ever invite people over again? What if someone spies a whisker? Or a nose print on their steak knife?

The only good thing to come out of this was the comical way in which BF came racing out of the bedroom in his boxers after I yelled ( he claims I screamed as if I was being attacked by an intruder, hardly) his name. It was truly comic gold. He says it's not funny, and I set his heart to racing beyond belief.

I can't stop giggling.

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