Friday, March 23, 2007

COPS.......Coming to your Street

BF thinks I live in a bad neighborhood. He thinks this to the point that, " I don't feel comfortable leaving you here alone." The house was empty for a year before I moved in. The garage side door was left unlocked where the very nice mower was stored. The Fridge, Stove and Microwave are all visible from the kitchen window and from the side door. And yet, nothing was taken. Granted, I live a block from the not so nice neighborhood, but in the year I've lived there, I've never had a problem. There are several elderly couples living in my neighborhood as well. The woman I bought the house from was a single woman just like me, and she said she loved it. It kind of irritates me because he makes me doubt my safety and then I can't sleep at night which only succeeds in making his life miserable because I'm miserable. It's not the first neighborhood I chose, but it's my hood damn it, and I like it. It's quiet, despite the white trash neighbors. The kids are always running about in the summer. People are out walking. Do they do that in bad hoods? I think not. But I can't seem to convince him that I'm ok. I never would've moved into a hood I left wasn't safe. It's a blue collar hood and I'm ok with that because I'm blue collar. I feel like his hood is kind of snobby. I don't feel comfortable there.
The battle will continue until, well until I move into his house. Which at this point, as he told me last weekend is, ".....[o]nly a suggestion."

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