Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why is it?

Would someone please explain to me why in all the wide world we are EXPECTED to celebrate the birth of co-workers? someone we would otherwise have nothing to do with? My group within the greater office is quite famous, and often looked down upon, for these Expressions of Celebration. We shell out for a card, granted spilt between 12 people is about 10 cents, but then for cake and for lunch. As any Mortgage Owner knows, money can be deathly tight, as is my case. And the added $12-15 dollars each month can be more than my overworked credit card and checking account can handle. Shame on me for wanting electricity instead of cake. You can call me cheap, you can call me a Grinch, but you'd be calling FOUL if you had to put up with the same crap that goes on in this group each time we celebrate two people having sex without a condom.

"Who's turn is it to buy the card?"

"Who's turn is it to "make" the cake?"
"Where are we going to lunch and who's turn is it to make the reservations?"

And that of course leads us to, "Well I MADE a cake when it was MY turn, she just went to the store."

"That cake, card, lunch was better than what I got."

"I drove to lunch LAST time, remember?"

None of these exchanges are said in all the sugary sweetness of those sugar cake decorations either, may I remind you.

When I made the ULTIMATE mistake of suggesting that we no longer celebrate these sexual faux pas that caused births, I was told in no uncertain terms that, "Not everyone has a family like yours or mine where they get together to celebrate birthdays."

So yes World, you are responsible for the happiness, mental and emotional well being of your Co-Workers, for whom you fill the void left by uncaring and cold family members.

You know, if their own family doesn't like them, why should I?

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