Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She Survived, But the House Did Not

Remember how upset I was about leaving Puppy alone in her with the "Cone of Shame"? So we left her "blocked" in the dining room? Um, yeah. We are considering renaming her Houdini because she escaped, TWICE. 
Before you lays the evidence of her destruction.

The cell phone charger
Those are her teeth marks, it chargers no more
The weather panel on our tab top curtains, torn down all but 3 inches
One of those "cloth" shopping bags torn in HALF
The strap to my purse
The paper shredder
All of the above was done the SECOND time she escaped. When she managed to remove her cone as well. A few days later I discovered that she had eaten the strap to my very expensive sandals, a shoe box, and the heel strap on F's new sandals.
The first time she got out she ripped through the plastic weather seal on the front window and torn down the sheers I had hanging there. Luckily they were hung on tension rods so all I had to do was wash and rehang.
We decided we couldn't afford her getting out again, so we put her back in her cage. Where she whined, cried, BARKED, yelped and went all out doggie guilt warfare. Our neighbor said she kept it up all day. Complete and total heartbreak. She has managed to body slam, I assume, her cage at least 3 feet across the floor, tip over and knock off the water cup that screws onto the side of her cage, remove the tray that goes into the bottom of the cage, gack on the wall, and sadly, peed her bed, twice now. Clearly Puppy is not happy being locked up with the Cone of Shame on. We are becoming quite concerned that she is developing and adverse to the cage. In the next few days she will have her staples removed and hopefully all will go back to normal.
I can't afford to lose any more shoes to the Teeth of Fury.
Don't be fooled, she's more dangerous than she looks.

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